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Nano Pack



BV : 100%

*30 days free-look period.
*Inclusive of all Govt. taxes.

Preventive Complete Body

3 nights hotel stay
(2 Adults & 2 Children below 8 years)



Full Value 20000
Travel & Utility

Discount Coupons of
Big Format Retails

Full value 20000
Shopping Points

Promotional 20 Movies

Tagged at a small price of Rs. 5999/- NANO Pack offers you 100% BV (Business Volume). The Business Volume is transferred to your pay-out calculation.

The package has some amazing benefits. Planning to travel or have to recharge your phone? Well with this pack you get full value 20000 Travel and Utility Coupons. Not only this, you get three nights hotel stay as well. Looking to shop online for clothes, electronics or just items of you daily needs? In this pack you get GV Discount coupon of Big Format Retails and full value 20000 shopping points.

As a part of our Shine City family, we care for your health. Thus in this pack we offer you a preventive complete body check-up. If that wasn't enough already, we offer you twenty movie coupons to add some entertainment to your life.

The plan however is non-refundable. Government taxes are applicable.



Complimentary Paid on
640 sq. ft. Land worth


Lock-in period 18 months**


*Samriddhi Gullak : Remaining payment will depend on the size & location. Samriddhi Gullak project cost will be starting from 1 Lakh.
**Within lock-in period you are not able to sale your plot to anyone, after lock-in period you will be free to sale your plot to other person
RP : Repurchase point will be transferred to repurchase wallet, And this value will be utilized for getting 100% redemption in any kind of Shine City Project Booking
BV : Business volume will be transferred to payout calculation