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Genex is an inspiring, research - based product & online services company, with a perfect blend of skill set and resources.

A Shine City Initiative

Shinecity Group today is one of the fastest emerging key players in the Indian real estate landscape. Known for its innovative approach to offer people with low income group an opportunity to have their own place to live, Shinecity has established its place in the hearts of the people of India.

Way Of Life

And, wow - does it ever add up over time. Peace of Mind. Time with the people you care about most. Selfsufficiency for some. A brighter future for all. Anyone is welcome to join in, even in the smallest of ways.

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Product Packages

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Rs. 5,999/-

Experience the way Genex can help transform your lifestyle. Join as a Member for as low as Rs. 5999 and enjoy unparalleled benefits ranging from 100% cash back, travel and utility coupons, shopping points, complete body checkup, 3 nights hotel stay and movie coupons.

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Share your effect with friends and family by introducing and selling Genex packages. Pay preferred pricing on package, earn up to 5% self-incentive and up to 100% on RP (Repurchase Point).

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Harmony Incentive of Rs. 640

Increase your effect and build a team in a way that works for you and fits your life. Get eligible for harmony incentive of Rs. 640 per matching point. Get a BV (Business Value) of 100% transferred to your payout calculation.

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Joining Package

Joining Package

Genex gives you several ways to earn generous rewards every day in direct proportion to your ability to sell our products to your customers and build an organization of Independent Associates who do the same.

  • Shine Energic Pack Rs. 1,650/- Option 1
  • Shine Energic Pack Rs. 1,650/- Option 2
  • Shine Energic Pack Rs. 1,650/- Option 3
  • Personal Care Pack Rs. 2,999/-
  • Mini Pack Rs. 3,500/-
  • Nano Pack Rs. 5,999/-
  • Mega Pack Rs. 10,000/-
  • Jumbo Pack Rs. 15,000/-
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Business Process


At Genex, the rewards are personal, financial, and so much more. Along with a flexible schedule, discounts, and earnings, you can create a...


Be rewarded with a trip to a faraway destination. Genex exceptional services are reflected in improvising solutions, business management..


Experience the flexibility to set your own hours and work location. Genex exceptional services are reflected in improvising solutions, business...

Extra Money

Earn extra money simply by sharing Genex products. Genex exceptional services are reflected in improvising solutions, business...

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